Things to Do Before You Say, “I Do”

Bridal shops press and stuff your wedding gown and provide a garment bag to protect it on your way home, but here are ideas to take the worry out of getting from your home to the ceremony.

  1. 1.  Take your bridal gown out of the garment bag and hang it where it will be safe from children or pets. Be careful not to shut your pets in the room with your gown!
  2. 2.  Make a list of things such as hair pins and breath mints you want with you on your wedding day.  Include things for Emergency Gown Care  such as safety pins and a needle and thread.  If you are dressing at the wedding venue, double-check your list before you leave the house so you know you have everything with you.
  3. 3.  A few days before your wedding day, check your gown and anything else you plan to wear to assure yourself all is in order.  If you decide to press your veil, be positive you have the iron is set on a low temperature that will not scorch it.
  4. 4.  Wear the shoes you plan to wear around the house for an hour or so.  Or walk outside to make the soles less slippery so you will be more comfortable on your wedding day.
  5. 5.  Ask a good friend (two friends are even better) to help you dress.  Another option is a professional dresser who will be responsible for keeping your gown in perfect condition throughout the day–and will know how to bustle your gown properly.
  6. 6.  If you do not have a professional dresser, be certain you know how to bustle your wedding gown and can show others how to help you.  Pin a few safety pins on the underside of your wedding gown near the hem where they will be handy if  a bustle loop or ribbon breaks.
  7. 7.  Plan for enough time to get dressed so that you do not feel rushed.  Plan for even more time if it is raining.
  8. 8.  Worth repeating–plan for enough time to get dressed so that you do not feel rushed.  Plan for even more time if it is raining.
  9. 9.  Most essential, try to savor every second of your special day because it seems to go by in a heartbeat!

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