Gown Care

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Before or after your wedding day,

our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists will provide free consultations and estimates for the care of your new wedding gown or your vintage bridal gown.


Before your wedding day,

you can trust us to safely clean a sample or preowned wedding gown before the wedding or restore your vintage gown to the true color.  Just need pressing for your gown?  We’ll press and add a bodice form and tissue to help keep your wedding gown wrinkle-free.  Click here to find the Specialist near you.


After your wedding day,

we follow museum-quality standards as we clean your gown, and we take extra steps to make sure all stains, both seen and unseen, are dissolved.  Stains such as soda, wine and cake (often spilled on your gown by a wedding guest when you are not looking) can dry clear.  Over time the sugar in such stains, which does not dissolve in ordinary dry cleaning, will caramelize and turn an ugly brown.  We can guarantee that will not happen to your wedding gown.

When your gown is preserved,

the centerpiece of your special day becomes an heirloom–forever yours!  You may arrange to personally inspect your completely clean wedding gown before it is cushioned with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an entirely acid-free wedding chest.   Our archival-quality wedding chest safeguards your wedding gown from exposure to the light and air that cause unprotected gowns to yellow.

We are the preservation service you can trust–guaranteed!  When your wedding gown is wanted again, return it to any member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists represented in more than 500 cities worldwide, and you wedding gown will be pressed at no charge.

PLUS your heirloomed wedding gown is a truly green wedding gown preservation because we offset all carbon emissions with donations to Carbonfund.org who fund reforestation projects around the world.


If you would like to purchase a wedding gown preservation as a gift to the bride, a customized gift certificate with your personal greetings is available from the Specialist near you.