Gown Care Tips

Bridal Gown Cleaning and Care Tips for Keeping Your Gown Safe:                                    Be Sure You Always:

. . . hang your wedding gown by the loops inside your wedding gown that are connected to the sturdy side seams so your gown does not stretch or sag under its own weight

. . . avoid using plastic to cover your wedding gown because plastic bags emit fumes that yellow your gown, and plastic shrink-wrapping traps moisture that can mildew your gown–even an old sheet is better protection than plastic

. . . ask what precautions the Specialist takes to safeguard delicate trims and decorations on your wedding gown and how the cleaner protects against latent stains

. . . choose a Specialist who cares for your wedding gown in his or her own facility and takes personal responsibility for your gown, not someone who sends it on somewhere else

. . . ask to inspect your wedding gown personally and make sure your wedding gown will be stored in a completely acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest lined with fabric or acid-free tissue

. . . ask who will honor the guarantee–today or twenty-five years from today

. . . avoid storing your bridal gown where there are extreme changes in heat or humidity

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