PicturePerfect Petticoat

Protect Your Wedding Gown with the PicturePerfect Petticoat

You’ve always dreamed of a spectacular outdoor background for your wedding photos, but you’re worried about soiling your beautiful bridal gown. Or you’re worried about walking across the grass or crossing dirty parking lots and city streets on the way to your wedding–indoors or outdoors.

No need to worry! Now you can walk anywhere–through grass, mud, or across wet asphalt–without getting your beautiful bridal gown dirty.

The PicturePerfect Petticoat

Comfortable and easy to wear under your wedding gown, the PicturePerfect Petticoat protects your gown from any dusty, muddy, or dry surface. Just draw up the ribbons. Your PicturePerfect Petticoat safely wraps around your wedding gown and lifts it off the ground.

Watch the video to see how the PicturePerfect Petticoat keeps your wedding gown clean no matter where you walk. One size fits all and protects all wedding gowns, large or small.