Things That Spoil Your Wedding Day

Baggy bustle: You can ask your bridesmaids to practice fastening your bustle, but very often they just cannot get it right.  Whether it’s that or your wedding dress is very heavy or your sweet husband steps on your train, you will wish you had planned ahead to keep your wedding gown from dragging in the dirt. Pin a cluster of safety pins inside your gown near the hem so they will be there if you need them. See our other suggestions for Emergency Gown Care.

Flowers hiding your gown: If you carry a large bouquet and hold them in front of your wedding gown, no one will see the front of your gown as you walk down the aisle.  Practice holding your flowers lower.  Then you won’t see more flowers than gown in the photographs.

Veils and hair hiding your face: Except for the blusher, your veil should frame your face, not hide it.  And remember to keep the right side of your face free of an elaborate hair style.  The right side of your face is next to your groom. and it’s the side your guests want to see when you are at the altar.

Relatives taking official photographs: Uncle Fred is not trained to stay out of the way so your guests can see all the special moments such as exchanging your vows . And if he is honest, Uncle Fred would rather be part of the fun than stay behind a camera all day with one eye closed.  Give a professional a list of images that are important to you and then you can count on sharing them with your family afterward.

Inconvenient schedules: Avoid leaving long hours between the ceremony and the reception.  They can be very boring for guests, and some may party too hard to make it to the reception. If a delay cannot be helped, offer options such as a lounge at the reception venue or a list of nearby things to do. On the other hand, be sure to plan enough time for photographs. Missing the cocktail hour is not a major issue, but a photograph session can go on for so long that dinner is ruined.  When your ceremony and reception are at the same location, consider posing for photographs before the ceremony, and then you will be free to enjoy both cocktails and dinner with your guests.

Kids: If there are very young children in the wedding party, ask the parents to be sure children get to bed early the night before the wedding. If the parents are in the wedding party, too, ask someone other than mom or dad to watch the children during the ceremony. Whether children are in the wedding party or among the guests, snacks, juice boxes, and a coloring book can hold their interest. At the reception, serve children promptly and have books and crayons on hand.

Last and most important:  Your friends and family are there to celebrate your special day—not to complain about missteps along the way.  And do cherish each moment!  The day goes by much, much too quickly!