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Destination Wedding


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Traveling Safely with 

Your Destination Wedding Gown

Let us help you keep your wedding gown safe when you travel to your destination wedding. Our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ can help you pack your wedding gown in a container that is just the right size. We can also press your wedding gown after you have arrived at your destination.

Here are some other thoughts about keeping your wedding gown safe when you travel.

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Your Gown

Traveling by Car

Most shops put a form inside your wedding gown to keep the bodice from wrinkling and provide a garment bag to protect your gown, but you might need to give it a touch-up (see below) after your trip.

No bust form or bag? Then stuff the bodice with tissue and use a sheet or two fitted sheets pinned together to protect your wedding gown.

Traveling By Plane

Ask your airline about their policy regarding wedding gowns and what size container fits into the overhead bin. Some airlines tell you they will save an entire bin for you, but do not count on it. What actually happens totally depends upon the crew the day you fly. Unless you are flying first class or you buy a ticket for your gown (yes, some people do!), you will probably have just two choices on the plane. You can fold the garment bag into the overhead or, for more protection, you can pack it in a box or suitcase that fits into the overhead. Either way be prepared to deal with a wrinkled gown when you arrive at your destination.

Traveling by Ship

You will probably be traveling by car to the ship, and most ships offer pressing services so no worries once you are on board.

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Packing Your Gown for Travel

Many of our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ offer professional packing, but if you are packing at home, try this.  Place your wedding gown face down on the box or suitcase. Arrange the gown so that one-third of the gown, the central part of the gown, is lengthwise over the box or suitcase. Spread your gown flat without any creases or folds.

Then fold the dress lengthwise.  Use tissue to buffer each fold until the gown is no wider than the container–but still overhanging the container at the top and the bottom. Add more tissue and fold the bottom one-third of the gown into the box.

Add still more tissue and fold the top of your wedding gown into the box. The bodice of the gown will now be facing up. Stuff the bodice and cushion anything else such as bows or sleeves with tissue. If the crystals or pearls on your wedding gown are held in place with metal prongs, be sure to cover them with tissue so the prongs do not cause snags.

When you are finished, your wedding gown should be packed tightly enough that it does not move even if you shake the container.

Easy Touch-Ups for Lightly Wrinkled Gown

  • Steam relaxes creases so wrinkles will often shake out if you hang your gown in the bathroom, turn the shower on hot, and close the door.
  • Invest in a portable hand steamer you can use whenever you travel. Cover the head of the steamer with a sock or small towel to keep it from spotting water-sensitive fabrics such as silk.

Professional Pressing

Of course, the surest solution to the wrinkle problem is to have your wedding gown professionally pressed once you arrive at your destination. Click here to find the Specialist near you. Many of our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ offer free pressing if you also use their services for cleaning and preservation after the wedding.

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