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About our specialized services and guarantee

Every gown possesses a unique narrative. Whether it’s the pristine beauty of a new wedding gown worn on your special day or your cherished heirloom, such as a vintage wedding gown or veil passed down through generations, our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ are dedicated to preserving these stories and ensuring their enduring beauty.

We understand the emotional significance and distinct charm of your vintage gowns and veils, and we not only remove disfiguring stains but also restore them to their true color. Our expert color restoration services breathe new life into your treasures, reviving their elegance and making sure they stand the test of time. Additionally, our SpecialistsTM offer creative alterations to tailor them to your exact specifications.

Our commitment extends beyond wedding gowns. We provide the same meticulous care for children’s clothing, uniforms, tuxedos, quilts, linens, and even doll clothes, whether they’re new or hold sentimental value. Every special possession entrusted to our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ receives very careful attention so that each piece retains its integrity and beauty.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, backed by a unique, written international guarantee of our preservations. As members of the international Association of Wedding Gown Specialists™, we honor the guarantee of every other member, and you benefit from our network of trust.

Rest assured, your precious garments are in safe hands. Our preservation guarantee promises they won’t yellow or have caramelized sugar stains, and we press your special pieces at no charge when they are to be used again. Trust us to preserve not just your treasures but the memories woven into them.

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