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Is your mother’s wedding gown or her veil or even your grandmother’s gown something you would like to wear for your own wedding but it is yellowed and stained? Or perhaps the family christening gown has been discolored and stained over the years by the many babies who have worn it.  Our Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM can return your cherished heirlooms to the true color.

Our special color restoration process will eliminate unsightly stains and yellowing.  We also have the skills to make any necessary repairs and alterations.  Where fabric is missing or damaged, our Specialists™ can integrate carefully sourced vintage or even modern matching textiles to patch or replace damaged areas in a way that maintains the restored garment’s unique style and charm.

Whatever your vintage treasure–wedding gown, christening gown, tuxedo, historic uniform, quilt, or doll clothes-–we can restore the color and bring new life to the memories and traditions associated with your beloved heirloom.

Whether you need cleaning and preservation or replacement of fabric losses or expert alterations, our services will secure the longevity of your cherished textiles and ensure they remain a source of admiration and enjoyment for generations to come.

baby in a vintage Christening gown

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