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Linens, Quilts, Decorative Embroidery

Careful cleaning prolongs the life of all fine fabrics, and our archival-quality chests will safeguard your family’s treasured garments and linens for generations.  Choose from six sizes that shield from exposure to air and light, prevent crushing, and–unlike garment bags–protect against cuts from sharp objects.  On occasion, our chests have even survived fire.  The chests themselves were seared and scorched,  but the fabric was safe.  That’s never possible when something is stored in a plastic carton or bag because fire melts the plastic, and everything inside is ruined.

In any case, please do not store your fabric heirlooms in an attic or basement or anywhere there are extreme changes in heat and humidity.

Uniform & Tuxedo


uniform and tuxedo


The uniform you treasure might be as formal as a military dress uniform, as exceptional as whites worn to play for The Ashes, or as personal as your favorite football jersey.  If your uniform or tuxedo is important to you, it is important to us, and our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ are experienced cleaners who know how to care for your special uniform or tuxedo.

Hand Cleaning

We carefully hand-clean your clothing with gentle solutions to dissolve all stains–both seen and unseen. Once the stains have been dissolved, we rinse the garments in a pure solvent that removes all traces of the solutions.

Uniform Preservation

Let us help you keep your uniform or tuxedo safe with a preservation service you can trust. We carefully layer your completely clean clothing with acid-free tissue and fold it into an acid-free, archival-quality chest that protects your garments from exposure to light and air. No chemicals are added. When your uniform or tuxedo is to be used again, it will be inspected and pressed at no charge by any one of our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists represented in more than 500 cities around the world.

Royal Australian naval uniform.
two men in tuxedos for a wedding
royal blue tuxedo

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