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Specialty Gowns

Cleaning, Restoration & Preservation

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Trust us to keep your gown as safe and beautiful as your memories

We carefully clean family gowns, such as one worn by your mother at your wedding or one you wore in a pageant, so they will be as bright and beautiful as your memories.  And we can also preserve them so these special gowns can be worn again whenever you or someone else in the family wishes.

Hand cleaning:

Our Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment

Our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ skillfully care for specialty gowns such as a prom gown, a heavily decorated South Asian wedding dress, or a gown worn at a wedding by a mother or a bridesmaid.  Gentle solutions applied by hand remove stains without damage, but we also take extra steps to find any latent stains.  Latent stains are spills of soda and wine that dry clear.  They cannot easily be seen when fresh, and ordinary cleaning does not dissolve them, but over time the sugar content in latent stains caramelizes into ugly brown blotches that require a time-consuming, expensive process to remove.  Once all stains, easily seen or latent, are removed, your gown is rinsed in pure solvent until completely clean and ready to press.



Ask our Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ near you for a free consultation.  Our Specialist will assess your new or vintage gown at no charge and advise you of the care needed as well as the cost of the care.  Both new and vintage gowns can be safely cleaned, but if the vintage gown is yellowed and stained, it may require our restoration process to return it to its true color. 

beautiful mother of the bride in a teal lace dress

Mother-of-the-Bride Gowns

You or your mother chose just the right gown to wear at the wedding.  Now choose our Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ near you for just the right care of your beautiful gown.  If you wish, once a mother-of-the-bride gown has been carefully cleaned, it, too, can be painstakingly packed with acid-free tissue and preserved in an acid-free chest until needed for another significant event.

south Asian wedding garments

South Asian Wedding Garments

If yours is a unique, heavily decorated South Asian wedding garment, trust our Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ near you to clean it without damage to any of the intricate ornamentation.  Then our Specialist™ layers it with acid-free tissue to prevent creases and folds it into an acid-free, museum-quality chest to protect your wedding costume from air and light.  See our unique, written international guarantee.

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